5th Boston have had their submission to open a Squirrel Drey approved by DC Rob Johnson.

The group is excited to be the first to offer this in the district. Plans are to open as soon as possible.


We have updated the look of the website slightly. You will now find all the sections under the Sections heading. Just hover your cursor over the word Sections for the names to pop up for clicking.

Squirrels have been added to the website and can be found here:


and we have updated the initial part of each section to reflect their number eg Beavers are no longer the youngest section but the second, and Cubs are now the third section in the family

DC Challenge 2022

The challenge is back!!

Rob will be emailing the file out and it is available to download from FB and here.

Join in, have fun and you may win a prize.


Great news for Boston


County Skills Camp 2021

CC Amy Gilbert opened the very successful weekend at Woodhall. Several different activities aimed at teaching new leaders and refreshing current leaders skills.

Woodhall Spa Scout Campsite

We are delighted to let you all know that our campsite is open for bookings to all uniformed/church groups. Sharing the campsite is possible, as long as leaders from both groups are happy to share & are happy with the Covid risk assessment put in place. It has been agreed that if there are 2 groups camping then one group will have use of the girls side and the other group will have use of the boys side with leaders using the accessible toilet. Each group will be responsible for cleaning of their designated toilets and taking turns to clean the accessible toilet. It is recommended that the touch points are cleaned regularly during the day.

Note that the cabin is no longer free of charge to any users. All the up-to-date prices can be found on the campsite page here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campsite

95 years of Scouting at 3rd

Guy & Phil 40 year and Paul 15 year awards.


Following the change to yellow for Scouting, we can now announce that the campsite is available for Expedition challenge camps and Duke of Edinburgh camps. However, at the current time, you can only book a maximum of 6 campers including adults (as per The Scouts rules) and only the disabled bathroom will be available for use. The cabin is unavailable for booking at the present time. You must undertake to do a thorough clean of the bathroom (cleaning products are provided but you need your own toilet paper)and dispose of your rubbish at the end of your camp.

Further updates will be posted here as we get them.

Gang Show Revisited

Boston Standard article about the gang show return 10 years ago.

see the full story here.

Woodhall Spa Campsite

Hello all.

Firstly, we would like to say thank you to all the young people and parents who have been taking part in scouting activities in an alternative way; whether that is online using zoom or teams or by completing tasks at home. You’ve been amazing!! We also thank all the leaders and supporters of Scouts – throughout this pandemic, you have been stars.

Secondly, unfortunately the campsite is not available for hire by any groups outside of Boston District at the current time (for evening or day visits). As soon as this changes, we will put an update here.

GOOD NEWS – BOSTON DISTRICT ONLY!! We have a covid RA approved for the campsite at Woodhall. Sessions can be booked on the website. There are conditions to using the site as follows:

  1. The site can only be used when we are in Amber or above, currently from 29 March.  BE AWARE THIS MAY CHANGE INLINE WITH THE SCOUTS AND GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES
  2. No camping is allowed.
  3. Cabin is unavailable. 
  4. Only the disabled bathroom to be used – others will be kept locked.
  5. Groups undertake to clean the disabled bathroom after the event with products provided. (These will be on a shelf in the bathroom) Includes mopping the floor, spraying/wiping of all touchpoints, toilet, seat and handle as well as the rail outside.
  6. Groups should remember that they need to add Woodhall as a new venue on their Group/Section Covid risk assessment which needs to be approved.
  7. Groups should also remember that each activity needs a written risk assessment (does NOT need approving).
  8. Groups follow guidance from The Scouts re: maximum numbers and time allowed for the group (29 March – maximum of 15 young people/5 adults and young leaders combined or the YL takes the place of a young person).
  9. If you wish to use the site for more than one group, remember that each group must be 25m apart. 
  10. If you split your group into smaller groups so that they are meeting at different times eg group 1 meets 5-6pm and group 2 follows, then you must allow time for cleaning the bathroom and any equipment you use between sessions.
  11. Any group using Woodhall campsite should remember that they need to complete a one day notification form and send to ADC & GSL even if it’s their usual meeting night.