We have 10 Groups in our District, along with 2 Explorer Units, a Network Section and SASU.

1st Boston Sea Scouts

Contact name:- Mr Chester. Email:-

1st has its own HQ on Witham Place in Boston on the East bank of the River Witham.

2nd Boston Scouts

Contact name:– Michael Rowlatt

Email :-

We meet at St Nicholas church hall

3rd Boston (Fishtoft)

Contact name:- Mr Guy Dix.


Our group has its own headquarters and one acre grass activity field on Gaysfield Road, Fishtoft.

4th Boston (Kirton)

Contact name:- Mrs Maria Elderfield.


We meet throughout the year at the Youth Centre in the centre of the Kirton.

5th Boston (St Botolphs)

Contact Name:- Mr Nick Hope Ryan.


5th has its own hall on Castle Street with a grassed area ideal for small camps.

6th Boston

Contact Name:- Mr David Anderson


6th meet at Sibsey Northlands Village Hall and are one of our most rural groups covering Sibsey to Stickney, Langrick to Old Leake.

7th Boston

Contact Name:- Alan Blackhorse-Hull.


7th  meets in Swineshead village.

8th Boston (Wyberton)

Contact Name:- Pete Green.

We meet on Tytton Lane East in Wyberton (adjacent to the A16).

10th Boston (North Rural)

Contact Name:-Mrs Jackie Adamson


The Group meet at the Beonna in Leverton

11th Boston (Zion)

Contact name:- Malc Pocklington

We meet in the Zion church hall on Brothertoft Road.


Contact Name:- Martin Chapman


We have 2 Explorer Units, Glen who meet at Swineshead and Witham who meet at 1st HQ.

As a District provision, they operate independently from each other but get together regularly to do joint events.


Contact Name:- David Anderson


Meets in various places.


Contact Name:- Norma Daft