Woodhall Spa Campsite

Hello all.

Firstly, we would like to say thank you to all the young people and parents who have been taking part in scouting activities in an alternative way; whether that is online using zoom or teams or by completing tasks at home. You’ve been amazing!! We also thank all the leaders and supporters of Scouts – throughout this pandemic, you have been stars.

Secondly, unfortunately the campsite is not available for hire by any groups outside of Boston District at the current time (for evening or day visits). As soon as this changes, we will put an update here.

GOOD NEWS – BOSTON DISTRICT ONLY!! We have a covid RA approved for the campsite at Woodhall. Sessions can be booked on the website. There are conditions to using the site as follows:

  1. The site can only be used when we are in Amber or above, currently from 29 March.  BE AWARE THIS MAY CHANGE INLINE WITH THE SCOUTS AND GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES
  2. No camping is allowed.
  3. Cabin is unavailable. 
  4. Only the disabled bathroom to be used – others will be kept locked.
  5. Groups undertake to clean the disabled bathroom after the event with products provided. (These will be on a shelf in the bathroom) Includes mopping the floor, spraying/wiping of all touchpoints, toilet, seat and handle as well as the rail outside.
  6. Groups should remember that they need to add Woodhall as a new venue on their Group/Section Covid risk assessment which needs to be approved.
  7. Groups should also remember that each activity needs a written risk assessment (does NOT need approving).
  8. Groups follow guidance from The Scouts re: maximum numbers and time allowed for the group (29 March – maximum of 15 young people/5 adults and young leaders combined or the YL takes the place of a young person).
  9. If you wish to use the site for more than one group, remember that each group must be 25m apart. 
  10. If you split your group into smaller groups so that they are meeting at different times eg group 1 meets 5-6pm and group 2 follows, then you must allow time for cleaning the bathroom and any equipment you use between sessions.
  11. Any group using Woodhall campsite should remember that they need to complete a one day notification form and send to ADC & GSL even if it’s their usual meeting night.

Woodhall Scout Campsite.

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Message from the DC to all members and families

Since the announcement that all face to face scouting was to be suspended, it has been truly inspiring to see how much we have adapted! Covid 19 has created havoc both locally and around the world. But the Promise we Scouts have all made to do our best really has been upheld! Never before have we been in this situation and I have no doubt that Baden Powell himself Would be incredibly proud of his scout movement!
My favourite of the seven scout laws is ” A Scout has courage in all difficulties.” During this global pandemic I think we have all achieved this!

Over the last three weeks of this national restriction on movement I have watched and joined in with immense respect and pride as members of our leadership teams have continued to engage our youth members with on line meetings, challenges and activities. Members from all age groups have taken part in the DC challenges I have set and I imagine several badges, including nights away staged badges have been and will continue to be earned in the coming weeks.

I know that there will also be disappointment that camps have had to be cancelled. One of my highlights is the annual District Scout Camp in May. I am currently working on a Virtual District Scout Camp. There will be activities and challenges.

We will sadly also miss the annual St Georges Day parade on the 26th April. However I have a plan for this also which will be announced on social media and to the Group Scout Leaders for them to pass on.

There is a lot of uncertainty ahead of us, and sadly I fear heartache for some of us. But rest assured we scouts are a family and we will pull together and support one another in times of need.

I am incredibly proud of all our members young and old. Parents and carers you too have found your inner scout while you have supported your young people in joining online meetings, camping out and making things, so thank you! Perhaps you may consider volunteering in the future.

Please stay safe, stay indoors and follow the government advice, we will get through this and we will soon be back in our halls and on camps.

Yours in Scouting
Rob Johnson
District Commissioner, Boston District Scouts

4th Kirton Cubs Bravery

2 Cubs from Kirton were awarded the Commissioners Commendation for bravely and calmly looking after their mum during a diabetic attack.

She collapsed while talking on the phone and the 2 boys fetched jelly babies and jam to feed her and calmly spoke to both Nan and Dad to alert them of what was happening. Having seen how Dad looked after mum previously, they were confident in what to do and got on with it. They were prepared to call an ambulance but mum came to and all was ok.

well done to both of them.

Charnmud 2019

Flynn from 5th Boston Scouts writes about his experience of Charnwood International Jamboree 2019.

“It was easy to start packing for Charnwood camp out, sun cream, sun hat, shorts and plenty of T-shirts for the sunshine that we were going to have at camp.

The activities that were planned were going to be amazing in the summer weather and I couldn’t wait. Saturday morning came and I woke up at home to see it raining outside, my Dad handed me my Wellies and I put them on as I walked out the door, I was wondering if it was going to be like this all time?

We met Sue, Tic Tac and Jag at the car park and we loaded up and waved off my Parents and Sister, it was still raining!!!!! I was with Amber in one car and Finley and Blake in another, we was on our road trip to camp. Oh it was still raining when we got there can I say.

Arriving at Charnwood camp was so exciting, our first thing to do was set the mess tent up, I was glad now I bought my Wellies and coat, I hadn’t put my sun cream on yet either. The tents were already set up so Finley and I got our bedroom ready for the week to come.

The evening was off to the opening Ceremony to open Charnwood 2019. I was the only one with Wellies and I could barely walk in the mud, Finley had some brand new trainers which had gone a shade of brown, but they were Orange!!!

As our Sound Camp walked in we was greeted to us on a massive video screen. I was shocked at the actual size of the tent, thinking this was huge!!!! We then sat down on the wet grass, but we didn’t mind, as we were so excited. The Belgian Scouts next door to us started screaming as the video screen showed them all. It was an awesome sight.

First night hot chocolate and marshmallows before bed were welcoming and I wrapped up in my sleeping bag, it was the cosiest sleep I had ever had.

DAY 2 :Woke up to mud in the porch way, mud had got in everywhere, in the tents the mess tent, everywhere!!!  Today was very much find out what was going on,  in the main Core as it was called there was lots to do such as, football, grab the card, conger, a tuck shop to buy sweets from and singing onstage, just like a real Festival.

Finley and I tried for ages to open a packet of Sherbet, it took ages!!! We then attempted to join the conger it was so long we couldnt get to the back!!!! 

We had chosen our main activity before we came on camp, mine was Mechanical, and so off we went on the bus to the Famous Foxton Locks, an old working lock gate. Lunch was followed by the boat ride, The Vagabond II was our boat, and we sailed down the canal, the operator talked to us about Lily pads, which were very interesting. We sailed back and went back to the dock. A spot of pond dipping found  a water boatman and a leech. A trip then to the Wistow maze, which was in the form of an astronaut. It took us two hours to finish it!!!

Wednesday night and Tic Tac told us that Charnwood was being evacuated, not a surprise as it was so muddy. It was decided we would go with 4th Kirton Scouts in their Mini Bus to get home, our kit was coming home on Saturday.

Thursday Morning and we said our goodbye to camp, and Charnwood 2019, I wish I had stayed the whole time, but it was impossible. The experience was significant because we enjoyed many fun activities I would of liked to of gone on the escape pods but they were not set up. I would like to thank Tic Tac Jag and Sue for looking after us, and 4th Kirton for bring us home.


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7th Boston funding boost by local wind farm

34 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were presented with a Letter from DC Rob Johnson today by ADC Cubs Jayne Maddy in recognition of all the hard work they had to put in over the 2 years in the section to receive the highest award they can earn before moving up.
Many parents and siblings came along to cheer them on as they received their awards.

the rest of the photos can be found on the Boston District Scouts Photopage on Facebook.

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5th Cubs alternative Silent Night

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.

County Beaver Leaders Skills Camp

At the recent County Gnaw and Natter a County Beaver leaders Skills Camp was suggested.

The event is on the 23rd-24th March 2019 at the Jim Page Scout campsite in Laughterton.

The camp is for Beaver section leaders and young leaders that volunteer for the Beaver section can join us for the day on Saturday.

During the camp you will earn the Beavers Outdoor challenge badge and take part in activities like backwoods cooking and navigation.

There will also be the opportunity to find out how to make the digital citizens and maker badge easier to present.

All activities are designed to pass on to your Beavers.

Please download the documents below to read and pass on or fill in and return.

Letter to beaver leaders

Young Leaders Letter

Camp information form

Skills participants weekend Meal Booking

Skills Staff Meal Booking