Alton Towers Day Trip for Network & Explorers


Sat 17 June 2017
Ticket and transport £40.
Open to network and explorers.
Will be 1st come 1st served.
Non refundable transport deposit £20 required by end of January.

Contact your Leaders or Dave McGarry

Carrington Rally Presentation to Central Explorers


Central Explorers being presented with a cheque for helping at Carrington Rally in 2016.

They camped over and helped with car parking and litter picking etc.

#cubs100 promise

District Cubs renewing their promise at 19.16 during the party to celebrate the end of the #cubs100 centenary year

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CC Xmas Message

A message from Robin Wright, County Commissioner for Lincolnshire to all Leaders and helpers.

This is a special time of year, with us all giving and receiving treasured gifts. But for you in scouting, you have had a very long Christmas, as you have all been Giving so much though out 2016. You have all given one of the greatest Gifts of All, Your Time to support others. I simply cannot thank you enough, as the gift you have given, will be slowly unwrapped over many years to come in the future; giving young people skills for life.
Time for you all to have a rest now, and recharge your sledges. Just think for a moment what you have achieved this past year; it is simply the best present of them all; fun, happiness, kindness, friendship and skills and much more.
Thank you, Scout Team Lincolnshire.

Have a Merry Christmas and Fantastic New Year.

Robin CC.

Santa’s Sleepover


Another successful Santa’s Sleepover ends with a visit from the man in red himself.

Over 70 Beavers took part along with a whole host of leaders and young leaders.

17 Cubs Invested at 8th Boston (Wyberton) Scouts

17 boys and girls were invested into 8th Cub Pack on Wed 9th Nov 16. Some were move ups from Beavers, some were new and some had moved from other groups.


Special Award for 7th Boston Beaver

dsc03021 dsc03023

Dave May, D.D.C, presented  Aron The Commissioners Commendation award. Aron put his Emergency Aid “training” into practice when his Nan cut her head open, doing everything he’d been taught at beavers. From applying pressure and reassuring her and waiting with her for medical help.


Awards for 3rd Leaders



Congratulations to Phil and Rita Smith who attended the County awards presentation for St Georges day awards.

Phil received the Silver Acorn and Rita the Commissioners Commendation.

While Rita’s award is not actually a St Georges day award it was awarded at this presentation, by request of DC Rob Johnson, in special recognition for all her dedication and hard work at 3rd Boston and in Supporting Phil for all the years he has been Scouting.

Phil, having received the Silver Acorn, means he will be able to attend the Parade in Windsor and Rita will be joining him.