Cancer Fundraiser


Following the terrible news that 2 of my very close friends have been diagnosed with cancer and the loss of a family member this year to this evil disease I have decided to take action. I do the race for life most years but 2017 I am doing something radical for me.

I will be doing a 2 phase fundraiser

Step 1 is i want all my friends and family to donate £1 (or more if you are able to) and chose what colour you want me to dye my hair . I will keep my hair any random colour you vote for, for 6 weeks. The colour will be announced on the 3 Apr 2017 And dyed that week at Anita’s located on the ground floor of Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

Step 2 is to dye it back to a natural colour (so i can donate to make wigs) and shave my head (around the 1st week of Jul to allow my hair to regain condition and be better for wig making). I’m not a girly girl but i love my long hair and do all i can to keep it long and healthy (little styling and products etc) so this will be a very radical step for me.

If you would like to sponsor me to shave my head or decide my hair colour please dig deep to help me support others. To choose colour please comment and let me know your choice.