Charnmud 2019

Flynn from 5th Boston Scouts writes about his experience of Charnwood International Jamboree 2019.

“It was easy to start packing for Charnwood camp out, sun cream, sun hat, shorts and plenty of T-shirts for the sunshine that we were going to have at camp.

The activities that were planned were going to be amazing in the summer weather and I couldn’t wait. Saturday morning came and I woke up at home to see it raining outside, my Dad handed me my Wellies and I put them on as I walked out the door, I was wondering if it was going to be like this all time?

We met Sue, Tic Tac and Jag at the car park and we loaded up and waved off my Parents and Sister, it was still raining!!!!! I was with Amber in one car and Finley and Blake in another, we was on our road trip to camp. Oh it was still raining when we got there can I say.

Arriving at Charnwood camp was so exciting, our first thing to do was set the mess tent up, I was glad now I bought my Wellies and coat, I hadn’t put my sun cream on yet either. The tents were already set up so Finley and I got our bedroom ready for the week to come.

The evening was off to the opening Ceremony to open Charnwood 2019. I was the only one with Wellies and I could barely walk in the mud, Finley had some brand new trainers which had gone a shade of brown, but they were Orange!!!

As our Sound Camp walked in we was greeted to us on a massive video screen. I was shocked at the actual size of the tent, thinking this was huge!!!! We then sat down on the wet grass, but we didn’t mind, as we were so excited. The Belgian Scouts next door to us started screaming as the video screen showed them all. It was an awesome sight.

First night hot chocolate and marshmallows before bed were welcoming and I wrapped up in my sleeping bag, it was the cosiest sleep I had ever had.

DAY 2 :Woke up to mud in the porch way, mud had got in everywhere, in the tents the mess tent, everywhere!!!  Today was very much find out what was going on,  in the main Core as it was called there was lots to do such as, football, grab the card, conger, a tuck shop to buy sweets from and singing onstage, just like a real Festival.

Finley and I tried for ages to open a packet of Sherbet, it took ages!!! We then attempted to join the conger it was so long we couldnt get to the back!!!! 

We had chosen our main activity before we came on camp, mine was Mechanical, and so off we went on the bus to the Famous Foxton Locks, an old working lock gate. Lunch was followed by the boat ride, The Vagabond II was our boat, and we sailed down the canal, the operator talked to us about Lily pads, which were very interesting. We sailed back and went back to the dock. A spot of pond dipping found  a water boatman and a leech. A trip then to the Wistow maze, which was in the form of an astronaut. It took us two hours to finish it!!!

Wednesday night and Tic Tac told us that Charnwood was being evacuated, not a surprise as it was so muddy. It was decided we would go with 4th Kirton Scouts in their Mini Bus to get home, our kit was coming home on Saturday.

Thursday Morning and we said our goodbye to camp, and Charnwood 2019, I wish I had stayed the whole time, but it was impossible. The experience was significant because we enjoyed many fun activities I would of liked to of gone on the escape pods but they were not set up. I would like to thank Tic Tac Jag and Sue for looking after us, and 4th Kirton for bring us home.